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Heyyy, sorry I'm anon right now but after you reply the first time I'll come off anon I promise lol but yesss I am one of your followers :). I just wanted to ask your opinion on submissions, like if you're cool with recieving them. If so then ya I'd like to get you're opinion on mine. I just wanted to ask first and actually say hi before getting straight into sexual talk. I know you deal with enough obnoxious messages per day. Hope to hear from ya ! Ps. I love your blog <3

Yeah submitt me anything

Stuff for sale

Worn knickers for sale £10. Custom dvd where i masturbate and say your name as i do it £10

What kind of custom DVD?

A video of my ex fucking all my holes and him cumming all over my face. I will also masturbate on dvd an say your name as im doing it. all for £10

need money

Anyone want to buy any of my worn used panties, or maybe i can make a custom dvd for you ;)

Knickers for sale

Anyone want to buy some used knickers worn by me £10 via paypal :) xxxx


Ok so my house mate had the idea, i should sell used worn panties and pics, paypal anyone? What do you want to buy send me a message and i will send you a price!

mine dick's only 4 inches would love to fuck ur ass wudja let me?? n ive been told my tongue do magical things to a pussy ;)

lol 4 inches is tiny no thanks, think my fingers are bigger than that! xxxx

Does size matter to you? You got like a minimum?

nothing shorter than six inches xxxx

hey, if i submitted a pic of my dick to your blog, would you submit a pic of your pussy (preferably) to mine?

yes i woul dxxxx